Table Top Gaming

Table Top Game Coordinator: Earl C. Hedges Jr. email: (, TusCon 44 Table Top Gaming)

Hello, everyone I am Back and Better than ever! Yes, it is your friendly Game Room Captain Earl C. Hedges Jr aka Captain Hedges for this year's Con once again! I will be handling the LARP and Tabletop Gaming tracks for Tuscon 44! I will be running the following games: Shadowrun Missions returns this year with a whole new mission, along with Cosmic Patrol and Valeant RPG. Frog God games has also signed up to allow me to run a Sword and Wizardry game this year and I Look forward to see you all again at Tuscon 44.

I have confirmed we will have a couple of GM's on staff this year running the Starter Box Sets of Star Wars RPG Game. More info about this event will be coming soon In further updates. As well as other Star Wars Action Packed Table Top Games.

PS Check out our new Facebook Public Group: TusCon Gaming Club

Planned Events

Welcome to Shadowrun Missions!

Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is the official dynamic Sixth World campaign setting sponsored by Catalyst Game Labs. In SRM, players create a character and participate in sanctioned events throughout the world. This gives players the unique opportunity to play a Shadowrun character of their own design with different people and different perspectives, and affect the storyline of the campaign.

Shadowrun Missions SRM 05-00 Welcome to the sixth world and build a runner workshop, and play a Seattle Sprawl Mission. So, you want to become a runner and learn about Shadowrun? This is the perfect event for you.

More info at

Swords & Wizardry

Sword and Wizardry Light is a Fast-Play introduction to Swords & Wizardry, and role-playing games in general. Ideal for introducing new players of any age to tabletop role-playing games. It will be running through out the convention.

You can find a free copy of the rules here: swords-wizardry-light rules and here: swords-wizardry-core-rules.

Courtesy of Frog God Games!

More info at Frog God Games.

Rockets and Rayguns!

Cosmic Patrol is a roleplaying game set in a retro future based on the Golden Age of science fiction. If you’ve ever seen a cover from a classic 1930s-1960s sci-fi pulp magazine, you’ve got the idea. You and your friends form the crew of a Cosmic Patrol rocketship and blast off for action and adventure in the wild galaxy.

In Cosmic Patrol, players take the role of Patrolmen—the first and last line of defense for humans in a dangerous galaxy. Patrolmen explore, discover and defend the interests of humans wherever they go. With an atomic ray gun at their hip, they brave the unknown on a regular basis.

Cosmic Patrol Core Rulebook

Cosmic Patrol is a rules-light role-playing game by Catalyst Game Labs that is all about creating a story. Using Cues as building blocks, you will construct a plot and narrate your Patrolman’s way through the millions of threats the cosmos has to offer. Your adventure will be unique to you and your group, and you’re encouraged to write those adventures up in true pulp style, for all the world to enjoy.

Find out more about Cosmic Patrol at

Valiant Universe RPG

All Catalyst Game Lab games will be running in the Dawn of the Dice Gaming Lounge by me personally, Captain Hedges, from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday. Come Join me!

Do You Have What It Takes?

No matter the powers, no matter the choices, the price in body and mind may be more than you’re willing to pay.

And your choices will lead to heroics…or to villainy. How will you be remembered?

The edge between superhero and villain has never been sharper. In the Valiant Universe RPG, players will immerse themselves in a dark and gritty world where every mission and every battle has deadly consequences. Whether playing X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman or even the all-powerful Toyo Harada—or any of dozens of characters—Valiant’s most fearless heroes will unite for the first time in a roleplaying game, allowing you to join their stories and create new ones!

Whether you’re a longtime fan or brand new to the Valiant Universe, this is the only source you’ll need to bring Valiant’s leading characters to life in a fantastic superheroes setting!

Click HERE for the FREE downloadable special RPG Guide which contains:
  • Cue System: The rules-light and easy to learn Cue System allows a novice or uninitiated RPG player to quickly get inside the head of their superhero and plunge into the action.
  • Title Exposés: Detailed summaries of all the Valiant Universe comic titles allow players to easily determine which part of the universe they want to game in; a perfect companion to the Valiant Universe Handbook.
  • Character Dossiers & Creation Rules: Along with ready-to-play missions, superhero and villain character Dossiers will have players in the thick of the action in no time. Or do you want to create your own superhero or villain and add it to the Valiant Universe pantheon? Quick and easy rules give you that freedom!

More info at Catalyst Game Labs