Safe Zones & #IllGoWithYou

Registration Chair: Darcy Kurtzweg email: (TusCon Safe Zones & #IllGoWithYou)

In an effort to embrace all race, ethnic background, age, ability, nationality, religion, or class, TusCon 45 committee members Darcy & Fred Kurtzweg have recently completed Safe Zone Ally Certification training from The University of Arizona's LGBTQ Affairs Department.

What that means is that TusCon 45 will have two Safe Zone areas. One at Registration (with Darcy), and the other in The Video Room (with Fred).

Fri 11/9/18: 10am to 7pm
Sat 11/10/18: 8am to 7pm
Sun 11/11/18: 8am to 3pm

Darcy, our resident Registration Maven, is our Safe Zone Ally at Registration.

Fri 11/9/18: 10am to Midnight
Sat 11/10/18: Midnight to Midnight
Sun 11/11/18: Midnight to 7pm

The Video Room is open round-the-clock, and you will find Fred there as a Safe Zone Ally.

In addition you will see some of our committee members wearing "#IllGoWithYou" buttons. TusCon recognizes that harassment in bathrooms and other gendered spaces is a problem not just for transgender individuals, but also for a variety people whose presentation of their gender may not fit the narrow archetypes of binary gender.

TusCon has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of all forms of harassment, discrimination and bullying.

Basically TusCon wants to send the message that "we embrace EVERYONE... NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND."