TusCon Convention Policies

  1. Membership badges must be worn at all times and be clearly visible for admission to any convention function. If you lose your badge, for a fee, Registration will provide you with a replacement.
  2. The legal drinking age in Arizona is 21 years of age. [A.R.S. §4-101(18)A.R.S. §4-244(16)]
    Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone under the age of 21, or providing alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21 is grounds for expulsion from the convention and notification of law enforcement.
  3. Use of cameras and/or recording equipment is not permitted in the Art Show, Artists' Alley, or any video presentation room. If you are planning on using pictures/video/film/audio of TusCon for any promotional purposes, you MUST CONTACT US IN ADVANCE.
  4. TusCon is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property, actions of other individuals, injuries, or death sustained during the course of the convention.
  5. Announced programming and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation without notice.
  6. Smoking, vaping, or other tobacco use is not permitted anywhere on the hotel grounds, except for a few specially-designated areas. is a tobacco-free property.
  7. No outside (non-hotel provided) food is permitted in any of the hotel indoor function spaces. Eating is not permitted in any of the Panel Presentation rooms. Eating or drinking is not allowed in the Art Show or Artists' Alley.
  8. We reserve the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your membership. We also reserve the right to ban individuals from attending future TusCon Conventions.
  9. ALL weapons must be peace-bonded. Blades must be cased/sheathed at all times in public areas. No clowning around or horseplay in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive, threatening, and/or careless manner will be confiscated, Rule #8 enforced, and law enforcement notified.
  10. No projectile weapons. Anything that looks like a real firearm, will be treated like a real firearm by the convention security staff, hotel security, and law enforcement.
  11. Costumers: no costume is NO costume. [A.R.S. §13-1402]
  12. Do not abuse the hotel facilities or the hotel staff.
  13. Do not abuse the convention staff.
  14. Harassment is not acceptable behavior.
  15. Selfie sticks, GoPro poles, or any device that extends your camera or phone away from your hand, are not allowed at TusCon. If you’re seen with one of these devices, you will be asked by convention staff to put it away and not use it at TusCon. This policy applies to any TusCon function space.
  16. No devices may be flown or tethered within the confines of any TusCon function space. This includes helium balloons and helium filled products, drones, or any lighter than air objects either powered or unpowered. Use of any of these devices in an exterior environment is acceptable after
    1. taking appropriate and reasonable precautions for the safety and well-being of convention attendees and any other individuals that may be present, and
    2. receiving written approval from a member of the TusCon Committee.
  17. TusCon and are making every reasonable effort to be ADA compliant and friendly.

What does all of this mean?

  1. Yes, that means you need a steenkin' badge. Wear it. Be proud of it. Don't expect to be able to go anywhere without it.
  2. It's like, you know, the law. We do not post bail.
  3. For safety reasons, please check with Masquerade personnel PRIOR to using any flash photography during the Masquerade. For promotional pictures/video/film/audio, we have a professional publicity consultant that we will put you in touch with to make proper arrangements.
  4. We will be very sympathetic. What we would like to be responsible for, is you having a great time.
  5. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via the internet or at-con, but sometimes last-minute changes can occur. That's life.
  6. No smoking, vaping, or use of other tobacco products (Yes, we understand that vaping is not using a tobacco product) at TusCon – including traditional cigarettes, pipes, cigars, E-cigarettes, any vaping product or device, or chewing tobacco (including ‘cuts’ or ‘pouches’). This policy applies to any TusCon function space, including the ConSuite (Hospitality). You are welcome to step outside to smoke / vape / dip in designated smoking areas, but ONLY in those designated areas. This policy is in place not only for the comfort of attendees but also to comply with tobacco-free policies and State of Arizona smoking ordinances prohibiting smoking at public events within 20 feet of any doorway, entrance, exit or operable window. [A.R.S. §36-601.01]
  7. As for food and drink, this hotel policy is why food and/or drink is not allowed to leave the ConSuite. And the reason eating is not permitted in any of the Panel Presentation rooms - it's not only messy, it's just downright rude. Do we really have to explain the no food or drink policy in the Art Show, Artists' Alley?
  8. If you are behaving in an unacceptable fashion - in other words, acting like a jerk - expect to be treated like a jerk and asked to leave. And possibly asked to never return.
  9. Use common sense. We do not post bail nor cover medical expenses.
  10. The hotel does not permit the use of any type of functioning projectile weapon (including but not limited to Nerf, Ping-Pong ball, rubber band, and marshmallow shooters). If mundane law enforcement gets involved, we do not post bail nor cover medical expenses.
  11. Pima County and the State of Arizona have public nudity laws. [A.R.S. §13-1402]
    Again, we do not post bail nor cover medical expenses. You notice a theme going on here?
  12. If you are having an issue with the hotel and cannot seem to get it resolved, we have people for this. Please find one of the convention staff and report your problem. We will really do our best to work it out to everyone's satisfaction.
  13. While we try to be as accommodating as possible, we aren't Burger King. There are reasons we do things a particular way. If you're unhappy with a policy or protocol and there doesn't seem to be an equitable solution, please be reasonable. Please accept our apologies and understand that you can't always get what you want.
  14. Do you really have to ask? Okay, harassment includes offensive verbal comments [related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion], sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. What's going to happen? Refer back to Rule 8. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a Committee member immediately.
  15. Too many problems and injuries at other conventions have occurred, and this is rapidly becoming a standard policy across the nation. Need your picture taken and your arm isn’t long enough? Ask a passer-by. We do have lots of friendly folk who would be glad to help.
  16. <sigh> Really? The areas are too confined for the safe use of flying objects, be they paper airplanes, “Air Swimmers”, or a XactSense Titan drone (look it up).
  17. The and TusCon will make every reasonable effort to see that everyone has an opportunity to access everywhere that is convention function space. If you feel your special assistance needs are not being met, please contact any TusCon Staff or Committee member.


Revision Date: 5 April 2016