Room Party Request

Security: Scott Harders email: (, TusCon 44 Room Parties)


Our apologies: As of yet, we do NOT have a designated “party block/area”. Room parties will happen, we are going to try and have them centralized. Please make your room reservation (for a suite), and fill out a ‘room party request’.

Are you thinking about having some sort of room party at TusCon 44? If so, I would highly recommend that you send in your room party request form NOW. When the hotel sells out of non-party rooms they will begin to sell the party rooms. Which means the party block rooms may go to attendees who do not have any interest in having a room party. We apologize, but please remember that rooms are on a first come, first served basis. So please, even if you are just thinking that you *might* want to do some sort of room party, send in a room party request form – otherwise you may find out that you don’t have a venue.

Thank you,
Scott Harders
Security, TusCon 44

All room parties (open or closed) must be pre-registered with (TusCon Security, TusCon 44 Room Parties). To request the opportunity to have a Room Party at TusCon, you must fill out and submit the TusCon 44 Room Party Request Form below:

Please contact (TusCon Security, TusCon 44 Room Parties) with any questions.