Costuming / Cosplay

Costuming Chair: Madam Askew email: (, TusCon 44 Costuming)


Iron Tailor: Two Costume teams will compete, but will you succumb to the Dark Side?

Two Costume teams duel each other in a competition to complete a costume for their model to wear in the TusCon fashion show. Teams will pit their knowledge of construction, their ability to macgyver, and their skills with safety pins and duct tape against each other in a fight to be the TusCon 44 Iron Tailor. Like facing off with the combined fury of Iron Chef and Junkyard Wars, these stalwart costumers have no idea what supplies they will have in advance or what challenges they will face. Grit, determination, and luck will see their model walking the stage in a one of a kind costume fantasia.

Motto: It’s a project!

Rules: The competing teams will have exactly the same access to materials and the same amount of time to complete a costume for their chosen model. No secret marriages with Jedi, no live thermal detonators, and no nefarious double crosses resulting in freezing anyone in carbonite. No team should impede the progress of the other teams regardless of what Emperor Palpatine says. Any method of construction is permitted provided the construction is completed onsite during the allotted time. Please avoid bodily harm or permanent damage to the premises. We’re not Cad Bane: we’re costumers. Any damage to tools that do not belong to the individual members of the team are the responsibility of the team to repair or replace. In other words, don’t sew through the durasteel powersuit on the borrowed sewing machine. Don’t vex the judges. If the judges say it’s too dangerous or too damaging or too messy, please respect the judges. Treat them like they’re Jaba the Hutt and you aren’t a Skywalker.

   • Maximum 4 people plus a model to wear the costume per team
   • Maximum 2 teams

Entry "Fee"
   • Minimum one plastic grocery bag of materials or supplies from each team member, extra will be accepted
   • Entry fee bags will be donated to the general pile of materials to be shared across teams

   • There will be an assortment of undisclosed supplies and materials which may be pilfered and ransacked for costume creation.
   • Teams may send one person at a time to the materials and supply table to search for items for the costume
   • Teams may hoard up to 5 items at a time at their work station, exclusive of tools
   • Teams may bring one plastic grocery bag of materials for their own team to use exclusive of the Entry "Fee"
   • Materials table will close 15 minutes before the end of the competition to facilitate cleanup

   • Teams should bring their own implements of destruction or construction: scissors and other tools they cannot live without
   • Teams may bring their favorite adhesives as part of their tools
   • Some tools will be available but they will be of limited and undisclosed nature
   • Teams are not required to share their personal tools so each team should be prepared with their own tools
   • Sharing tools is not against the rules

Theme/Special Item that must be included?
   • To be announced at the time of the competition commencement
   • Expect references to our favorite Sci-Fi and Fantasy works

Win conditions
   • Must be wearable by a living being, preferably a human but Klingons are welcome
   • Must include the theme in some way
   • Model must be able to walk in the Fashion Show on Saturday night
   • Teams have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete their costumes