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Art Show Chair: Liz Vela email: (Art Show)


Please review the Art Show Rules, and then fill out and submit a completed Art Show Registration Form to be considered for the Art Show. Once selected, we will send an invitation to participate.

Art Show Registration Form
TusCon 45 Art Show Registration Form.docTusCon 45 Art Show Registration Form.pdf

Art Show Rules
TusCon 45 Art Show Rules.docTusCon 45 Art Show Rules.pdf

TusCon will also charge the standard commission of 15% on all Art Show sales.

There will NOT be an Artist Alley this year. Please apply to the Dealers Room if you are interested in selling at TusCon 45.

Dealers Room Info

Thank you,
Liz Vela
TusCon Art Show Chair (, TusCon Art Show)

Last Year's Artists

Thank you to our Artists

Theresa Mather

Christy Grandjean

Sandra SanTara

Jill Bauman

Eliza Bohnen

Catherine Roop

Karen Roop

Tabitha Ladin

Sarah Clemens

Larry Vela

Natalia Lopez

Lubov Yegudin

Nicole Liberty

John Kaiine

Mira Domsky

Jasmine Gordon