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  • Geoff Notkin, author and host of TV's METEORITE MEN and STEM JOURNALS will be at TusCon!

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ATTENTION: Until otherwise noted, the schedule that appears below is pending, and will be updated as we approach TusCon 39.

Science Track Schedule



4:00PM Silver Welcome to TusCon, why do we keep doing this to ourselves - Fred Kurtzweg, Bruce Wiley, Joe Palmer
5:00PM St. Augustine Ebooks and Amazon KDP Select. Is this a boon for writers? - Kathryn Lance, Cathrine Wells, Jeffrey Mariotte, Weston Ochse, Frankie Robertson
6:00PM Silver  Moebius Corpus, math as a source of story telling. Stories that use math as their basis and why it is such tasty “brain candy.” - Gloria McMillan, Al Anzaldua, Bruce Wiley
  St. Augustine The changing face of the apocalypse. Lost Babylon to Walking Dead. The end of the world is always popular but never the same, does it reflect our nightmares or our dreams. - Thomas Watson, Yvonne Navarro, S. M. Stirling
7:00PM Copper Mingle with the Guests
9:00PM St. Augustine Getting inspired and finding your unique voice as an artist/ writer. - Chris Dickenson, Weston Ochse, John Vornholt, David Lee Summers, Gloria McMillan
  Garden How to write more - Anna Paradox
  Copper Radio Play, War of the Worlds –Travel back in time with the End of the World Players cast as they re-live the play that panicked America complete with sound effects. - Larry Vela, Bruce Wiley, Gilead, Jim Webbert, Cathie Yankovich, Mike Volckmann
10:00PM St. Augustine Bad Poetry Round Robin. Son of “Eye of Argon” – how long can you read atrocious with a straight face? - Larry Hammer and YOU
  Garden Reading from something good - S. M. Stirling
11:00PM St. Augustine The End of the 13th Bak'tuun, a guide to self fulfilling prophecies - Bruce Wiley
  Garden Reading - Jill Knowles



9:00AM St. Augustine Impacts and Life Part 1: Beginnings. The role of impacts on life’s beginnings on Earth, with speculations on how life might transfer between planets- Dr. Veronica Bray
  Garden Reading - Pamela D Lloyd
  Copper How to build a magnetic storm detector - You can make a working scientific instrument for under $100.  There will be handouts.  Fun for kids of all ages! - Bennie Grezlik
10:00AM Silver Can Kickstarter,self publishing and other new types of fundraising be viable business plans for artists/ writers - Jessica Feinberg, Jordan Summers, Yvonne Navarro
  St. Augustine Impacts and Life Part 2: Ending? The local and global devastation caused by asteroid impacts and other mass extinction events, but also about life’s resilience after such catastrophes.  - Dr. Veronica Bray
  Garden Reading  from "Dead on Arrival" ", book one of the Comstock Hotel Series - Chris Dickenson
  Copper A Steampunk Primer: We've all heard the phrase "steampunk" but what is it? Must it be set in a specific time period?  Must it be set in a particular location?  Is it even strictly literary? -  David Lee Summers, Anna Paradox, Bruce Davis, Jenn Lopez
11:00AM Silver G.I. Joe vs Satan A TusCon special pre-release for SEAL Team 666 with a Q&A from the author - Weston Ochse
  St. Augustine Dr. Dave's NASA Solar System Exploration Update. Review the recent results from all of NASA's robotic missions throughout the Solar System. - Dr. David Williams
  Garden Reading from "Stolen Crown", a new Mithgar novel - Dennis L McKeirnan
  Copper Steampunk in other Cultures: Steampunk often gets associated with Victorian England and sometimes the Wild West, but can steampunk take us even further afield.  Our panel discusses the possibilities of steampunk everywhere from the African Jungles to the Australian Outback and possibly even beyond the Earth. - S. M. Stirling, Bruce Wiley, Bennie Grezlik, Jill Knowles, Jocelynne Woolf
NOON Silver Why does YA have fewer boundaries? Why does it seem like YA deal with more adult topics? - Janni lee Simner, Sharon Skinner, Catherine Wells, Jeffrey Mariotte
  St. Augustine Steampunk technology, what real Victoria technology matches what is in the stories. Captain Nemo had his submarine.  Airships fill the skies and clockwork gadgets fill the labs of mad scientists.  - Kathleen Kirkwood, Bruce Davis, Anna Paradox, Pamela D Lloyd
  Garden My Boss is from Apt 23B, time management for creative people. We know you’re easily distracted by shiny objects, and they probably don’t pay the bills, how do you do both. - Liz Danforth
  Copper Hour with Toastmaster Ed Bryant
1:00PM Silver Technology has evaporated privacy, why aren't we paranoid; your cellphone company, your ISP and your GPS track pretty much every move you make, and the stuff they don’t record you voluntarily put on Facebook, and nobody seems to mind - Thomas Watson, Eric Schumacher, Mike Shepherd
  St. Augustine Paranormal Steampunk:  Why do Paranormal and steampunk work so well together? Steampunk stories often include some element of the paranormal, including zombies, vampires, and ghosts; Has it even become expected that steampunk stories will include some element of the paranormal? - Cynthia Ward, Davild Lee Summers, Bennie Grezlik, Jill Knowles
  Garden Reading from "Holodomor Girl" - Yvonne Navorro
  Copper Hour with S. M. Stirling Guest of Honor
2:00PM Silver Urban fantasy - the new horror? It used to be horror was the genre that had the closest ties to the real world, was mostly likely to take place in a house just like yours, has urban fantasy supplanted horror in that - Ed Bryant, Yvonne Navarro, Jordan Summers, Carol DePriest, Kate Daniel
  St. Augustine "Punk"ed Out- when subgenres of "MannerPunk" and "BioPunk" exist has the word punk lost its meaning? Once upon a time punk was all about being loud, aggressive and misusing safety pins, now it’s a bunch of literary sub-genres, maybe we can figure out how this happened - Bruce Wiley, Bruce Davis, Joe Palmer
  Garden Zombie Makeup class Demo 102: Blood, guts and latex: Learn ways to bring “life” to your undead costume. - Natalia Lopez
  Copper Hour with David Lee Summers Fan Guest of Honor
3:00PM Silver Drawing Clockwork Animals workshop . Pencils and paper will be provided - Jessica Feinberg
  Garden Masquerade Prejudging, for those judging or being judged, everybody else wait until later
  Copper Mass Autograph Session - S. M. Stirling, Anna Paradox, Bennie Grezlik, Dr. David Williams, David Lee Summers, Dennis L McKiernan, Jeffrey Mariotte, Sharon Skinner, Thomas Watson, Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro, Janni Lee Simner, Frankie Robertson and probably others
4:00PM Silver If we ever find remnants of another civilization what can we expect to find? - Carol DePriest, Kathleen Kirkwood, Kate Daniel, Mike Shepherd
  St. Augustine Scriptwriting scifi and fantasy, what’s the proper way to describe your CG monster thrashing the city to explain things to your actors without hampering your FX people - Antonio Villagomez, Eric Schumacher, Weston Ochse, Paul Edwards
  Garden Just because you can self publish doesn't mean you should. The ease of self-publishing these days has caused a lot of writers to rush to publication. - Jordan Summers
  Copper Meet the Groups –Tucson has amazing groups and clubs with wonderful  people who you should meet., many of them will be here just waiting to talk with you.
5:00PM Silver What's the difference between sentient robots doing all our work and slaves. - Jordan Summers, Dennis McKiernan,  Ed Bryant, Dr. Annita Harlan
  St. Augustine Giving the milk away for free - risk and benefits of posting projects on the internet - Antonio Villagomez, Larry Hammer, Yvonne Navarro
  Garden Exploring the female hero's Journey. Selected readings from The Healer’s Legacy and a discussion of what characteristics make a believable and engaging female protagonist. - Sharon Skinner
6:00PM St. Augustine Wizard Hunters - Tucson-based film team Uphill Pictures debuts their epic tale about wizards, vampires, and sorceresses, watch the new web series and discuss it with the makers
  Silver We Win!  How did nerds take over popular culture, will we ever give it back?  - Bruce Wiley, Bennie Grezlik, Jordan Summers
7:00PM St. Augustine Zhon: The Alien Interviews - Join us for a screening of this critically acclaimed quirky, funny, suspenseful, action packed sci fi dramedy series including a NEVER BEFORE SEEN EPISODE exclusively at TusCon! Members of the cast and crew will be present to answer your questions. The series is now in its second season at 
  Silver Star Trek Universe Update, has Paramount found more places no man has gone before - Dr David Williams
  Copper Masquerade with a The Hunger Games theme!
8:00PM St. Augustine 50 Shades of Greyskull, erotic literature is going mainstream, will speculative fiction ride the wave or is it already ahead of the curve? - Jordan Summers, David Lee Summers, Jill Knowles
  Garden Reading from "Seal Team 666" - Weston Ochse
  Silver What's that byte - Larry Vela, Bruce Wiley
  Copper Can't Stop the Serenity Party -  There ain’t no party like a browncoat party, cause a browncoat party is Shiney! Music and fun til the Alliance shuts us down.
9:00PM Silver Regency Dancing with Alice & Marty Massoglia
  St. Augustine How did Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr Who become the pillars of geekdom. - Dr. David William, Bennie Grezlik, John Vornholt
  Garden Time slips, psychological time travel. (theoretically) a paranormal phenomena and the element used in my book, A SLIP IN TIME, to traverse time.  - Kathleen Kirkwood
10:00PM St. Augustine Personal Demons in writing, do they help the writer or the story. - S.M. Stirling, Chris Dickenson, Gloria McMillan
  Garden Reading from "Thieves Profit" - Bruce Davis
11:00PM St. Augustine Po' Film, how to make the most of your resources when producing a micro budget film or video project and how to do Sci FI/fantasy on a budget and still be taken seriously - Eric Schumacher
Midnight St. Augustine Infinite diversity in infinite combination, would you let your daughter marry a...- Kate Daniel, Bennie Grezlik, Bruce Davis, Bruce Wiley, David Lee Summers



9:00AM St. Augustine Roving the solar system. Review all previous rover missions, including the Soviet Lunakhod and Mars 3, as well as Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, and describes and provides the most recent results from the newest rover, Curiosity, as well as discussing future roving missions.  - Dr David Williams
  Garden Rockets for kids, make safe no fire to launch model rockets
  Copper The story beggins when something changes, the adventure begins when something goes wrong - Dennis L McKiernan, Catherine Wells, Cynthia Ward
10:00AM Silver Married Couples, why are they so rare as heroes? Much fiction revolves around people falling in love, why do we so rarely start that way- Yvonne Navarro, Thomas Watson, David Lee Summers, Cynthia Ward
  St. Augustine Comets: New Insights into Visitors that Influenced our World - Dr. Nalin Samarasinha
  Garden Reading from "Ghost Town" - Catherine Wells
  Copper Critiquing Science Fiction, how to write a good critique or review - Ed Bryant, Anna Paradox, Larry Hammer, Janni Lee Simner
10:30AM Buckley Barry Bard's At the Movies - come see the movie previews and get your raffle tickets for some great SWAG.  - Daniel Arthur, Richard Bolinski.
11:00AM Silver Where have all the Elves gone, whatever happened to forrest fantasy? - Frankie Robertson, Jill Knowles, Sharon Skinner
  St. Augustine Asteroids, Ion Propulsion, and NASA's Dawn Mission to Vesta. Review previous robotic missions to asteroids, discusses the ion propulsion that enables the Dawn Mission, and reviews the major results from the Dawn's Vesta encounter. - Dr. David Williams
  Copper Keep a stiff upper lip, British Science Fiction TV, how is it different from American, why is it better - S. M. Stirling, Jordan Summers, Chris Dickenson
NOON Silver WTF is a BJD, Creepy dolls or cool artistic tool? Learn more about Ball jointed dolls, where they come from, where to get them and what can be done with these creepily realistic dolls. - Natalia Lopez
  St. Augustine The Promise and Peril of Private Sector Space Development. The good, bad, and ugly of government-funded space development and contrast this picture with the current activities and promise of private-sector space development.  - Al Anzaldua
  Garden Reading from "Dragon's Fall Rise of the Scarlet Order" - David Lee Summers
  Copper The scholar, the jock, the fool, the whore and the virgin; why do horror writers hate these people - Jeffrey Marriotte, Weston Ochse, Ed Bryant, Eric Schumacher
1:00PM Silver What is a professional? In the new world of multiple employment and self publishing what are your standards to consider someone a professional? - Jessica Feinberg, S. M. Stirling, Anna Paradox and Scott Glener
  St. Augustine Paradise Regained: The Regreening of Earth.  What are we doing to restore the environment, is it working, what can you do - Avery Davis
2:00PM St. Augustine Near-Earth Asteroids: End of the World or New Beginning? The latest near-Earth asteroid (NEA) data gleaned from ground-based and satellite NEA-watch projects and discusses how humans might tame  and utilize the most dangerous NEAs for resources. - Al Anzaldua
  Garden Reading from "Faerie After" the final book in the post-apocalyptic Bones of Faerie trilogy - Janni Lee Simner
3:00PM St. Augustine Procrastinators guide to surviving the end of the world.  So there’s 40 days until the end of the world and you haven’t even bothered to worry about it until the last panel, is it too late to buy a camp stove? - S. M. Stirling, Anna Paradox, Eric Schumacher




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